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Get the capital you need to expand your business with our friction-free smart financing solution, powered by Payability.

Up to $250K in Capital

By analyzing your store data, we are able to give you the right amount at the right time.

Easy Application

No credit checks. No physical bank statements. No lengthy application. Connect your Volusion account and apply in under 10 minutes.

Seamless Payback

Wave goodbye to payment due dates and penalties. Your  advance will be paid back with a portion of your future sales.

The Volusion Capital Advantage

Traditional financing doesn’t always recognize the viability of ecommerce businesses. Volusion Capital will change that. Having access to more capital means more inventory, more opportunities and more sales for our customers. We are excited to offer a solution that provides our ecommerce sellers with a quick approval financing option that will help with their growth.

Bardia Dejban

CEO, Volusion

How to Get Started

Step 1: Apply

Step 2: Approval

Step 3: Get Funds

Step 4: Grow

Complete application online to claim your pre-approved offer.

Get approved for your first Volusion Capital advance.

Receive funds the same day or hold on until you need them.

Start growing your business today!

Funding Amount: Apply today and receive roughly 1 month's sales up front. 

Advance Term: Advances are usually paid back between 8-24 weeks, depending on your business needs.

Cost: We do not charge interest. We charge a flat weekly fee between 0.35% and 1% of the total advance amount.

Payback: Volusion Capital will seamlessly collect a portion of your future sales - typically between 10% and 25%.

Volusion Capital Advance Details

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this a loan?

2. What does it cost?

3. How can I repay the advance?

4. Who is eligible for Volusion Capital?

5. Can I get a different offer amount?

6. How soon can I get another advance?

7. What if I have other financing?

No. This is a purchase of your future sales that gives you the capital today.

Unlike a loan, Volusion Capital does not charge interest. Volusion Capital charges a flat weekly fee between 0.35% and 1% of the advance amount based on your business health and Volusion sales. The end cost is ultimately determined by how quickly you pay off the advance.

Volusion Capital collects a portion of your future sales, typically between 10%-25% until the advance is paid back. On average, the payback period is between 8-24 weeks depending on your business needs.  To do this, Payability’s technology links up with your payment gateway to be in the flow of funds, making the payback process as seamless as possible.

If you have growth plans, but lack the capital to put them in motion, you may be eligible for Volusion Capital. Whether you have plans to launch a new product, purchase more inventory or upgrade your website, Volusion Capital works to help you drive more sales.

We want to make sure Volusion Capital works for your business, so if you’re not happy with your current offer, please contact us.

Once 50% of the original advance is remitted, you may be able to qualify for another advance. Contact us to determine your eligibility.

Volusion Capital works alongside most other financing. Funding your business growth is not a one-size-fits-all solution, so no need to worry about other financing options getting in the way.

Get the Funding You Need

Whether you need funding now, or you think you may need it in the future, apply now or contact us to learn more. 

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